Looking for a lower limb amputee...

    My name is Ian and I am 44.  I am looking for someone aged 25-45, a good-humored, intelligent nice looking woman to share my life with.  I live in Amsterdam and I would like to meet someone anywhere in the world.  I am "able bodied" and looking for an amputee, preferably lower limb(s).

A little about myself: I love music and singing (from classical to tango, and I enjoy my career as a
professional singer: basso profundo), books of all kinds, theater, nature, good food & drinks, laughing and sharing.  I hate violence, injustice and burned potatoes.  I am a tall, goodlooking guy who loves to keep body and mind in balance.

    Where do I see myself in 5 years?  Happy with you, we may be married and had kids. We are soul-mates. I am so glad to give you my love and be loved by you.

So, drop me a line and I will answer and we will see what happens.


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