CP Quad in West Virginia looking for a Christian lady

Hello, My name is Stanley and I'm 42 years old.
And I'm a born again Christian full gospel Baptist, a future evangelist
and I attend the McCorkle Free Will Baptist Church.

Lets see what can I tell you about myself? I'm 6'0 with dark brown hair and
blue eyes .I live in West Virginia USA in a small town called Alum Creek
where I'm the Vice President of the Cerebral Palsy Parents Council.

We raise money to help send disabled people to summer camp for one week and yes I'm also disabled I have Cerebral Palsy myself I'm a CP quad.

But I live life to the fullest thanks to the Lord!
I also like gospel, country, oldies music, walks in the park (Well, I could say
rolls) in the park. (LOL) I love animals and spending time with my family and friends.

The Lord has spoken to me and he wanted me to start a nursing homes
visitation ministry in my local area.

My hobbies are collecting eagle statues of all shapes and sizes and I like surfing the net.

I'm always busy raising money for the CPPC I enjoy action movies, Nascar football  foftball, shooting, hunting, fishing camping and going to church.

I feel that God didn't just create one race of people we all are made by him!

I'm looking for an open minded Christian lady who doesn't mind dating a guy in a wheelchair.

I'm just a Christian man looking for a nice lady to spend those special times with. I'm tired of being alone!! Some women think just because I'm disabled that I can't give them the love, the desire of a normal man, but I feel that I have even more love to share!

Yours truly,

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