Tom Burke from Oregon

My name is Tom. I'm 62, nice-looks, I am a middle-aged curmudgeon who would like to meet a curmudgeoness: one who likes herself, a rural lifestyle, mutts, all manner 'of food, the outdoors, and men, and who doesn't mind some rain, and shopping by catalogue. 

She should be happy, by and large; I am.   I have: steady work, a home, and an old but sturdy Landcruiser.  I have not:  lots of  hair on my head or season tickets to anything but hunting and fishing.  I am honest, a good listener and friend.  Ask Jama, she knows me well:-)

Amputees are beautiful!  Time for truth in advertising:(1) There are 9 categories here.

Had there been one titled"any," I'd have chosen it. All are attractive to me.

(2) I lost a beautiful disartic because I dawdled. One day she said,"I love you, but I've put too much time in you." And meant it.)

So... Please write if you'd like an enthusiastic friend and a potential life mate who lives near the beautiful southern Oregon coast.

Thomas Burke 

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