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Gail, 63, looking for a lady...

    My name is Sheridan Gail Garrett. I am a widowed male 63 years old (will be 64 in June) and at least for now retired. I am new at this dating on the internet, or otherwise, since I have been "out of circulation" for nearly 36 years.

    I am a passionate, intelligent, person with a sense of humor, who enjoys quiet times with someone special, being romantic, touching being touched and making love. I prefer some order in my life rather than confusion , although I also enjoy spontaneity. I maintain my sense of practicality and rationale, although I have my "little boy" side. Being born in Tennessee and raised in North Louisiana (I was adopted) has instilled in me a good measure of "down-home" wisdom and common sense. I like quiet intimate times with a special woman, music, movies ,dining out, going on drives in the country, the woods, being by the ocean, learning new things. Much of my time is devoted to church activities and taking care of my home and dog, and using my computer.

    I wear contacts/glasses (I am nearsighted ), and hearing aides (I have loss in the high frequency, speech, range). But did not start wearing aides until I was in my 40’s.

    I would be interested in meeting a lady with any type of "handicap". Of course the main thing would be her personality and character. I think a persons "beauty" is determined by personality and character. Because a persons "looks" and abilities can and will change over time. If "looks" is all that attracts a person to another then their relationship will not last. I wonder about those that leave a person when they become disabled. Whatever happened to "in sickness and in health till death do us part"? Doesn’t anyone pay attention to what is said in the marriage vows anymore? It seem like the ladies stay when a man becomes disabled but the men leave when the lady becomes disabled.

    I am looking for a woman to share my life with. I am not specifically looking for someone to "take care of". I know there will be times when I will need to take care of her and times when she will need to take care of me. Prefer someone who is honest, loyal, intelligent, well-read, caring, non-drinker non-drug user, non-smoker, non-gameplayer. She should be erotically adventuresome with me,( I am not sure I know what "erotically adventuresome" means but it sounds good ) and a monogamous type. A sense of humor and playfulness is welcome.

    I have been interested in "disabilities" since I was 5 years old. I am an only child (adopted). I have had girl and boy playmates through the years. and we have tried being blind, "armless" (one or both), "legless"( one or both) and combinations of all of them. For many years I would do things while blindfolded and/or with my arms tied behind my back. My big toes do not bend a the first joint so I never was too good at being "armless". At one time I could set up and operate a reel-to-reel tape recorder "blind" and "armless". It has been many years since I have done that though. I don’t think I could do that now.

    I had a girl friend when I was in grade school who was almost totally deaf. It was at that time that I decided that I would learn sign language.It was not until I was 30 years old that I had the chance to do so. I was working in Atlanta GA when I learned to sign. I have not signed in about 30 years and have forgotten most of it. I also did volunteer work for the blind while in Atlanta. I served as driver, escort and sometimes date. Taking them to concerts, dances, etc. I have a lifelong male friend that has CP.


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