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Rob, 54 year old Italian Admirer

I am Roberto, an Italian devotee. I am 54 years old, m 1,73 (5'8') height, kg 65 (145 lb),
green eyed, young-looking (photo is recent).  For me to be dev is not only matter of sex:
I have a lot of love and tenderness to give!  I work as educationist and I like my job.
I like also literature, rock music, nature, good movies, romantic restaurants,
psychoanalysis, body-building (just to save my shape).

I wish to meet an amputee lady from 37 to 54 years old who is able to accept my being dev...
sometimes I feel guilty and ashamed.  Race is not important.  A tender heart is important...
I would want to cuddle her and to be cuddled by her.  I am serious and I am looking for a
marriage, not for a game.  I didn't ever get married because I can not to fall really in
love with a non-amputee woman...and often I feel myself alone.

If someone will send me an e-mail, I will answer willingly all questions.
Excuse my English, please, my French is better and my Italian is perfect!


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