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Dolores, 33, post-polio

I am 33 and single. I have had polio since I was about 4 months, but that has not stopped me
from doing what I want. I am very active in life. I have a six year old son and I would say
that is active enough.  I have been trying to finish school, but since my son that has slowed down some. Hopefully within the next two years I will finish.  I am not looking for a father for my son, I have done
that for the past six years and have a good job. What I am looking for is a able bodied man to
go out with and have some fun. He has to be between 30-40 and I like tall big men.
When I have to time I like going to the movies and dinner.
My favorite thing to do is watching it rain. There nothing like watching it rain
on a Sunday afternoon. I hope to hear from some of you Texas guys.
Thanks for looking,

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