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Randall, looking for lady leg amputee...

I am a 51 year old computer programmer.  I currently work in Seattle, but I would rather live in California, and I am willing to live just about anywhere.  I am looking to marry a woman with a hip disarticulate or above knee amputation.  I could marry a double amputee, if she is asymmetrical, i.e., if one leg is significantly longer than the other.  I am a little embarrassed to say I would reject a woman for not fitting these physical criteria, but if this weren't important to me, I wouldn't be advertising here.

I like games, particularly games which use a lot of brain power.  I've even designed some games, and I have one I hope to get published some day.  I listen to rock music (mainly classic rock, but new stuff too).  My favorite TV channels are Discovery, TLC, and the History Channel.  I also watch news, sports, NYPD Blue, The Practice, The Simpsons, Futurama, and King of the Hill.  Actually, I watch too much TV.   I should listen to more rock music.  I love children.  I am willing to marry a women with any number of children of any age.  I will marry a woman of any age.  The limiting factor on both of these is that I want to father a child myself.  This means that my wife would probably be several years younger than me, though if a 50 year old woman can convince me she is physically and emotionally ready to bear my child, I would consider marrying her.

I love cats, and can tolerate most dogs.  I like to cuddle.  I am a city boy.  I prefer to spend most of my time where people are.  I have sleep apnea, so I need to sleep where there's electricity for my breathing machine.  Before I got treatment, sleep apnea ruined my life.  Now that I have my breathing machine, it's not much of an issue.

If you want to get to know me,  send an me email .  Or you can observe me from afar in some public places in the internet.  I participate in the Ascot-World Yahoo Group.  You can also find out about me at my website,  But the place to find out the most about me is the newsgroup  I have Tourette Syndrome.  Tourette is not what most people think.  First of all, it's rather common.  It's hard to diagnose the mild cases, but 2 to 5% of people have Tourette.  The most commonly known symptom of Tourette is coprolalia -- the uncontrolled uttering of offensive words.  Coprolalia is rare, and I don't have it.  I have a lot of verbal tics, but I've managed to fill my head with mostly happy tics, such as "little kitty cat", "giggle", and "I love you".  I look forward to hearing from you.

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