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Dear Friend

Hi! I am Sayan Ghosh, a twenty years old guy from Calcutta, India. Due to an accident in my early childhood, one of my legs had to amputate from the knee. I use a wheelchair or crutches, but I didn’t consider my disability to a standstill to my normal life, to grown up. I am very much emotional, and like to see dream, without considering whether they will come true to me or not. I am also and athletic, a regular swimmer and posses a wish to appear in the Paralympics.

As for what I look like: I am 5’7” (among Indians it is good enough), weight 55 kg, and I like to dress formal. I always try to look my best when going out. I enjoy being a guy and dressing up.
I am writing just for friendship, with those friends, who are slightly differently devoid of God’s blessing like me. I like to call myself ‘differently able’ rather than ‘disable’. Since high school, I've been kind of bored. There are very few activities for disabled people to enjoy around in my country. In many public spaces, I can’t access due to lack of adequate facility for the disables. I just want someone who is fun and outgoing. I really want a pen pal or a friendship with someone other than my relatives, as I believe God gives us our relatives, and we create our friendships. He or she may differ from me in religion, culture, language, manners, food habits, dresses; else sex, but we may com close together through the hand of friendship. The only & primary condition is required such that he or she will be disabled. So, hurry up and please write me at , where I am waiting anxiously from a mail from you

Sayan Ghosh

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