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Shawna, 40, living in Vegas, multiple disabilities, looking for...

Hi!  My name is Shawna, I'm 40 and at the end of June, 2012 I'll be moving to Las Vegas, NV from Southwest Missouri,  where I've been living with my mom...mostly I'm disabled after suffering strokes in 2003/2004 and live with chronic pain  from degenerating discs in my neck and back.   I'm working toward and Master's Degree in Psychology/Mental Health Counseling and then plan to seek a doctorate.   I hope to both work with the suddenly disabled and create a training program for nurses and CNAs to work with them so that when they're released from hospital to a rehab center they're actually ready to work the program and not mired in self-pity.   I am owned by three cats: Jolie Cat,  Gizzie Girl  and the Little Bitty Poofy One; they are my joy and the reason I get out of bed every day  - they need food and water and  their litter boxes cleaned - and as we don't use the "S" word in this house, they are extremely well-indulged!
At this time I am really seeking a benefactor arrangement to help me get through school;  it's going to be extremely hard to trust that a man really loves and doesn't see me as easy prey because I'm disabled, although I'm sure there's a man out there for me, somewhere.  You see, I was badly burned in December 2011 when a man who professed to love and adore me stole my car, the presents I'd bought people for Christmas, my tablet and two new computers, my brand new camera and attachments and iTouch I had gotten for my birthday earlier in the year, my great-grandparents' wedding rings and my grandmother's jewelry (some of which he gave to other women during the same time he was saying he'd stopped even talking to other women in any way and throwing a temper tantrum because I was IM'ing men I'd been friends with since high school every couple of weeks or so!) as well as stealing money I'd given him to pay the bills instead of paying was a horrible mess, and right before Christmas, too!  Everyone I know was always saying how "lucky" I was to find a man who so obviously loved and cared for me; some "luck," huh?  If I (and everyone I know) can be so taken in then it makes it just that much harder to trust the next man who says the words "I love you," "your disability doesn't matter to me" and "I want to take care of you, no matter how ill you get or disabled you become," you know?  I'm hoping that by posting here and on other sites strictly for the disabled and their admirers, the next man who says "I love you, just the way you are" won't be thinking "what a sucker!" as he says them and planning ways to hurt me!
Please be patient with me if you want to start a romantic relationship with me!  It may make me sound like a cold-hearted, mercenary bitch...but a man has to put his money where his mouth says his heart is in order for me to consider him right now!  Yes, I want to find that "special someone" but I also have to finish school and be able to support myself, stand on my own two feet (figuratively and literally!) before I can stand beside a man on a long-term basis!  Thank you for understanding and for helping me help myself - those two old sayings apply: you're giving me and hand UP not a hand OUT because "give a man a fish and he'll eat today but TEACH a man to fish and he'll eat every day!"  (Or, in this case, help pay for me to go to school to get my Master's degree and I'll be able to go to work helping those who have become suddenly disabled discover that being DISabled doesn't mean UNable!)
I hope to hear from you soon! 

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