Shawn straight California guy, 26, TBI, looking for a relationship, friends, etc.

I had my accident in Hawaii 3-19-01, care for myself, but have problems with my right arm/hand and wear a brace from under the knee downwards.  I've been in CA since August, have no friends because they dumped me since the accident.  Not doing too well as far as working on my right side like I should.  Guess I'm a little unhappy, wouldn't ya say?  Hate the way I've been, used to be so physically and mentally active.
I sure hope there are real people out there that really understand and care.  My Mom is just about worn out, because she's done it all for me and by herself.  Anyway, hope to hear from somebody and let's talk about life in general, hobbies and whatever else comes our way.

Thanks much!


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