Wheelchair User


About me:  My name is Dennis and I'm a 23 year old student from Holland, Rotterdam.  I'm disabled and drive a electric wheelchair. I like adventure, going to clubs, reading, computer and having fun with my friends of my students club.  As you can notice, I'm a person in the middle of live and I live life to the fullest, but one thing still is a problem: finding a girlfriend of about the same age, who isn't afraid of the thought of someone in a wheelchair and also a physical relationship.

About you: A nice, friendly, cute and spicy girl between 20 and 26 with feeling for humor and loves life.  You aren't the type who says no to a engaging situation. When having sex you can improvise and also enjoy wild ideas. When things 'click' you surely can expect a lot of love and attention (also physical).  Furthermore, you live in Holland, preferrably in de Randstad, or near Rotterdam.

Hope hearing from you!



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