For Our Veterans and Soldiers

A Support Group & Social Club for Amputees,
Other Disabilities, and Their Admirers
  Established January 1996
c/o Jama Bennett

1414 N Park Side Dr
Deer Park, TX 77536
New Number 832-694-5904

I just created a petition entitled Federal Government:
Build a water pipeline across the US to provide JOBS and relieve drought and flooding,
because I care deeply about this very important issue.
To read more about what I'm trying to do and to sign my petition

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Ladies' Amputee and Disability Sites

Grover Web and Design features the work of C. Jean Grover.
We understand we have a lot of competition out there, so thank you for ending up at our site. 
We hope you stay awhile and browse our portfolios
Logos, Illustration, Web Design, and Print.

Please check out my YouTube speed drawing page.

Candy's Fan Club
Hello. My name is Candy. I reside in Lexington, KY. I have prosthetic legs and one hand. I am
completely mobile and independent. I drive. Passion. Intensity. Fire. Eros.


I am here to give women with disabilities and their admirers personalized consultations on dating and
relationships that will prove invaluable.  I understand that relationships don't just happen. 
Getting out there and finding your Mr. or Ms. Wonderful takes effort and
Im here to assist you along the exciting path of courtship!

CHLOE Magazine

A publication for those who would Dare to Change the World.

We are about changing the world we live in for the betterment of all.

Registration is free and gives you access to Members Only Content including the Photo Galleries and the Forums.


Joy's Facebook group for Amps and Admirers
Amputees, Disabled People and Their Admirers
This is a group for disabled women and the men that admire them. It's for gaining a better understanding of devotees and ridding the negative perceptions about them. Most devotees are just regular nice guys with an unusual attraction.

Type: Private Membership
Founded: Aug 31, 2006
Location:: Raleigh, - US
Members: 217
You must have a Facebook account and a photo in your profile to join.

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Designed by disabled people for disabled people who can see humor and sarcasm in being different...

was injured in car accident in 1983.  She sustained a C-8/T-1 spinal chord injury that left her an incomplete quadriplegic.  Ellen functions primarily as a paraplegic and uses a manual wheelchair from Quickie for mobility.  Ellen has broken down many stereotypes and has helped change the way people see themselves and others.  She has been seen on Howard Stern, Donahue, Sally Jesse Raphael, Larry King Live, Good Morning America and a number of other national and international television shows.  Ellen has lectured in Brazil, Australia and England. 
She continues to lecture throughout the United States and abroad.

Ellen Stohl is an entertainment communicator.  She uses her skills as a public speaker,
actress, model and writer to help change the negative images of people with
disabilities and to promote a sense of self-esteem and wellness in everyone.

A Book of Poetry by
Maria Palacios
Maria is a polio survivor living in Houston, Texas
click here to go to Maria's page...
$12.50 US


ParaGirl's site
for Devotee Fiction and Erotica...

Hello, my name is Yvonne Singer...
Having Cerebral  Palsy should not prevent anybody
from becoming a productive member of society...
click here to see my personal ad...

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c/o Jama Bennett

1414 N Park Side Dr
Deer Park, TX 77536


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