An evening with Sara Pratt

As we all know, times are hard for many right now, but harder for some than others.  Sara Pratt is having a very hard time financially.  Her social security is $700/mo and her rent is $500/mo.  She has maxed out her credit cards and needs your help.  Sara called me and asked me to set up a page for her to sell "dates" for $100.  She will meet you in a public place for an afternoon or evening of dinner, a walk in the park or some other G-Rated activity.   Any help you can give Sara is deeply appreciated.

You may contact Sara by email or send a contribution to her at:
Sara Pratt
11 Broadway # 23
Kingston, NY 12401

All Contributors of $50 or more will get a free DVD of one of Sara's videos.

Thank you,
Jama & Sara

$25 US
$50 US
$100 US
$200 US

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